Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose my own land?

 We have a range of  that will suit most block sizes

If you  in finding a House and Land package that 

What areas should I choose to build in?

When choosing an area the main questions you need to ask yourself are: These three factors can increase the asset value of your property and improve your future opportunities in the real estate market.

Can I customise my home?

 We have a design team that is ready to design your home. 

Our base models have been designed with liveability the key focus. 

Can I supply my own items?

It is generally recommended that the Builder supply and install all items. 

as some items that do not require licenced trades or are not critical for the Builder to achieve Practical Completion can be completed by yourself after handover. Ask us to find out more about how you can save money finishing off your home.

NOTE: Speak to your Finance Broker to confirm your specific requirements as per your lending criteria

Should your builder give you a recommendation on the site?

 A site visit is the most important part of the building process. The Builder should have an 

A site visit can provide valuable information relating to the project cost. A site can have many hidden costs that require a professional with an 

Make sure you find a Builder that is prepared to do this when you are looking for your Land as It will also be beneficial to build a strong relationship at this point with your builder as you will both have a better understanding of what you want for your home.

How much can I borrow?

This is specific on a case by case basis, we would advise obtaining a letter of eligibility from our Finance Partner. They will give you an 

By dealing with our Finance Partner you will receive the best service and financial solution for your first home as they have 

What is the First Home Owner Grant?

The FHOG is a government legislated scheme that currently offers $10,000 to new home buyers.  Either for a house construction or never been lived in home.

This will  on any new build or property as well as offering 

Do I need to build to receive the First Home Buyers Grant?

 you are entitled to the First Home Buyers Grant.

With a completed home you don’t have to wait for the build and you can  subject to Settlement and the value of the property.


or phone 9262 1299 for more information.

If the Building Process is not for you but you would still like a brand new place to live 

What type of builder do I deal with?

Choose a Builder that concentrates on a is the best place to start. Larger project builders that are driven by large volume turnover do not have the serviceability to complete your home with the attention to detail it deserves.

You want to deal with someone that will be Make sure the person you are dealing with will have the  prior to and/or during construction.

Dealing with a Builder that manages its resources carefully will assure you that 

Do you have any House and Land packages?

We will assist you in selecting the correct block of land that will give you value for money on your home design. 

You can invest more money into the build of your home and increase the asset worth of your investment.

What do I need to look out for if I am interested in a House and Land package?

Always ask if the package price includes items such as Internal Wall Painting, Floor Tiling, Carpets, Blinds and Light Fittings. These item will cost you more to complete at the end of your build.

  which can be increased at contract signing due to the Builder not actually viewing the site and realising the extent of works required to start building. For example, retaining walls and additional fill to achieve a flat site to build on if the land is not level.

– Some examples have shown this to have and 

 that don’t reflect the floorplan or inclusions that you may assume you are getting for the price listed. This is usually hidden in the small print.

What is a Provisional Sum?

A Provisional Sum is an required to complete the works specified.

Some prices cannot be fixed until more information is obtained. You receive a guide as to what the cost of this item will be.

 for the Provisional Sum item. If not, this would be   worth thousands of dollars.




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