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4 Benefits of Having a Gourmet Kitchen in Your Perth Home

More than just beautiful, a well-designed and equipped gourmet kitchen can allow you to explore your creative talents and become your best foodie self – a Master Chef, if you will.

There’s nothing quite like having a perfectly designed space to wield your magic in, where you can become inspired to master intricately artistic baked treats, seafood extravaganzas, magical feasts, incredibly complex curries or even a tricked-up Sunday roast.

It all becomes so easy with today’s gourmet kitchens featuring walk-in pantries, wine cellars and even sculleries, meaning you can close the door on tonight’s dinner party mess until cleaning up tomorrow.

No matter whether you are a carnivore, vegetarian or vegan, you’ll appreciate the benefits of having a gourmet kitchen in your new Perth home.

At Zircon Living, we have devised our list of 4 benefits of having a gourmet kitchen in your home.

So much room for activities – there is space to think and create.

Clutter is the creative foodie’s enemy. A good gourmet kitchen is often the star of an open-plan layout, which allows the domestic Master Chef to breathe and the creative juices to flow.

Generous workspaces thanks to quality islands that accommodate the whole family allow you to cook multiple meals or courses for that important dinner at the same time.

All you will ever need. Everything is at your fingertips.

Having your fresh produce, pantry staples, knives and utensils, pots and service wear, hotplates, oven, sink, spacious workspace and cold drinks at your fingertips is a dream.

Clever storage and appliance position means you can put your head down and focus on creating healthy or indulgent wizardry for family and loved ones without the stress.

Everything has a home in your gourmet kitchen and is easily located.

Budget and waste friendly – that is music to our ears.

Hello weekly meal planning!

In these challenging economic times, it makes sense to save money wherever we can. And with many busy folk resorting to expensive, fast food on the go, ensuring good nutrition at home is essential.

That’s where meal planning comes into play.

Having a cleverly designed gourmet kitchen means you have the space and functionality to plan and prepare the family meals for the week – and on a tight budget.

And no matter what the schedule of your individual family members, you can rest assured they have their healthy meals ready to pack with them or return home to. It’s a win-win!

A gourmet kitchen is the backdrop for your family stories.

The best banter is had in the kitchen if you ask us. Those lip-smacking smells wafting from your gourmet kitchen will draw family members to you, providing the opportunity for togetherness, bonding and teaching moments.

Across all cultures, food is a uniting force.

No one understands this better than the caring team at Zircon Living, where family is at the heart of company values. The 2020 Medium Builder of the Year prides itself on a range of premium family lifestyle features in its homes – especially when it comes to catering for healthy, well-fed families.

So why not put your own family first by talking about a customised foodie-lover home design, for the Master Chef at heart, or in the making.

Zircon Living’s designs have something for everyone in your family – from beginner bakers through to discerning gourmands. Why not book a design consultation now?