The building process

Follow Our Zircon Living Building Process with El’ise and Matt

The building journey can be an intense, stressful period. At Zircon Living, we aim to make this process as easy as possible for you. Starting at Slab Down all the way through to moving into your dream home, Zircon Living is here to help you in every aspect.

Our brand Ambassadors El’ise and Matt will take you along the complete building journey. Watch every week as they go step-by-step through the building process of our new Bladivis display home!

Stage One

Slab Down

Slab Down is the first Major Milestone in building your home, but it’s what is under the slab that really makes a difference and provides the structural integrity of your home.

  • Site preparation is THE most important part of the build and if done correctly will minimise future maintenance of your home. To achieve this Zircon Living carries out the following steps:
    • Rake through the site and remove all rubble, debris, and underground vegetation
    • This ensures that there are no old tree stumps that will decay over time and create a week spot under your slab.
    • In older areas where a home has been demolished or subdivided we have found septic tanks, asbestos, car bodies and even a swimming pool.
  • Once the site is cleared the Pad can be prepared and compacted as per the engineers requirements. Once compaction is achieved the foundation for your home is set and we’re now ready for SLAB DOWN!
Stage Two


Brickwork, otherwise known as “Plate Height” is a big step in seeing your home take shape and come to life.

  • All bricks may appear to be the same however it is important to take note of the Cores in the brickwork. There are two types, Vertical and Horizontal.
  • The strongest bricks are Vertically cored as they provide a high compressive strength. The advantage of having the cores exposed at the top of the brick is that it allows the mortar to key into the brick above, providing a stronger bond.
  • Horizontally cored bricks are weaker, do not bond as well, typically cost less and use less mortar.
  • This is typically seen in most Project Homes but is a standard that we are not willing to change.
  • You will also see the following attention to detail taken by our qualified tradesmen:
    • Excess mortar cleaned from the inside of the cavity
    • Flashings installed
    • Additional surveyor set out points for boundary brick walls to ensure we can build as close to the boundary without encroaching