The building process

Building Your Dream Home in Perth, WA with Zircon Living

Welcome to the Zircon Living experience – your trusted home builder in Perth, Western Australia. We specialize in creating high-quality homes for first-time buyers and savvy investors. Watch our short videos to witness the journey of constructing your dream home with us.

Simplified Home Building with Zircon Living

Building a home can be a demanding and nerve-wracking endeavor. At Zircon Living, our mission is to simplify this process, making it stress-free for you. From the moment the first slab is laid to the exhilarating moment you step into your dream home, Zircon Living is your partner every step of the way.

Join Our Brand Ambassadors, El’ise and Matt

Get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the construction of the magnificent Xanadu, led by our brand ambassadors, El’ise and Matt. Follow their journey as they document the entire construction process. This is your chance to explore our meticulous process and witness how we bring dream homes to life.

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Stage One

Slab Down

Slab down is the first major milestone in building your home, but it’s what is under the slab that really makes a difference and provides the structural integrity of your home.


Site preparation is the most important part of the build and, if done correctly, will minimise future maintenance of your home. To achieve this, Zircon Living rake through the site and remove all rubble, debris, and underground vegetation. This ensures that there are no old tree stumps that will decay over time and create a week spot under your slab. In older areas where a home has been demolished or subdivided, we have found septic tanks, asbestos, car bodies and even a swimming pool!


Once the site is cleared the Pad can be prepared and compacted as per the engineers requirements. Once compaction is achieved the foundation for your home is set and we’re now ready for SLAB DOWN!

Stage Two


Brickwork, otherwise known as “Plate Height” is a big step in seeing your home take shape and come to life.


All bricks may appear to be the same, however it is important to take note of the cores in the brickwork. There are two types, vertical and horizontal. The strongest bricks are vertically cored as they provide a high compressive strength.


The advantage of having the cores exposed at the top of the brick is that it allows the mortar to key into the brick above, providing a stronger bond. Horizontally cored bricks are weaker, do not bond as well, typically cost less and use less mortar. This is typically seen in most project homes but is a standard that we are not willing to change.


You will also see the following attention to detail taken by our qualified tradesmen:


  • Excess mortar cleaned from the inside of the cavity
  • Flashings installed
  • Additional surveyor set out points for boundary brick walls to ensure we can build as close to the boundary without encroaching
Stage Three

Roof Cover

Roof Cover is a significant milestone for your home. At this stage, most of the structural works are complete and it’s important to ensure that the roof structure is thoroughly checked before moving onto the next stage.


  • Roof beams are not just placed into position, but also welded or bolted together to restrict movement in the roof. At the brickwork stage, there were structural columns and tie down rods installed that are now connected to the roof beams, anchoring the roof to the footings.
  • We ensure that all bolted connections are carried out as per the engineers specifications and we document this by taking photo’s of the works once complete.
  • For this home, we have used a feature splayed gutter to the front elevation to add to the striking floating porch.
  • Next stage is plastering, glazing and lock-up. Then, we can start the inside of the home.
Stage Four

Lock Up


Now all the structural items have been completed on-site, it’s time for the fit-out and finishing trades to make their way in. Lock-up signifies the start of this process and is the beginning of adding the final touches to your home.


  • Our finishing trades are reviewed and selected by the company Director to maintain our award winning standard and consistency on all of our homes.
  • The ceilings are now in and the feature raking ceiling with four Velux skylights is now complete. The ceiling height reaches a phenomenal 4.5m high and natural light floods this living space.
  • This home features a double stacking door to the alfresco, perfect for entertaining. With 28-course high windows, an 1100mm wide entry door and a 3m high feature window to the master bedroom retreat, to home is definitely light and bright.
  • Now the fun begins and you will see how the selections made by our interior designer brings this home to life.
Stage Five

Internal Fit Out


The interior of this contemporary home is nearing completion! The tiling, cabinetry, floors, and walls are all finished and are nearly ready for move in.


  • The tilers have completed the tiling, with neutral tones in the bathroom & ensuite to tie in the outdoors into the home’s design.
  • The cabinets are now installed and the entertaining areas are almost ready to be revealed.  We can’t wait to see what how this space is going to be fitted out.
  • The home features a stunning island bench with waterfall ends, soft closing drawers and doors, feature laminate, stone benchtops and the finest sinks, basins and tapware.
  • Another Zircon standard is that we mitre every tile, meaning our skilled tradesmen take the time to cut each edge of the tile at a 45 degree angle to provide a seamless join on exposed corners, as opposed to an unsightly join where the unfinished edges of tile butt into each other which has unfortunately become an acceptable industry standard with other builders.
Stage Six



Creating your landscaping develops a relationship between the design of your home and your lifestyle. Whether you’d like a high maintenance garden with lots of flowering plants and grass, or a low maintenance garden with native plants, speak to your Pre-Start Consultant to discuss what best suits you.


  • Potted plants add some character to your landscape design and are a lower maintenance way to care for plants. Be creative in your pot choices and let your inner flare come alive!
  • To provide a little privacy for your family as well as maintaining the desired design, we have added privacy screening to the rear fencing.  This allows you to enjoy entertaining family and friends.
  • Now with the garage door fitted and the driveways and footpaths completed,  the landscaping brings together the complete aesthetic of the home.
  • Finally, adding a touch of lighting to your landscaping can add in some character and create a wonderful atmosphere ready for entertaining.
Stage Seven



We have reached the final stage of our construction – handover! This is one of the most exciting stages in the construction of your home. You finally get the keys to your brand-new home!


Your Client Liaison has created a final handover pack, which contains all your important information for your home. It’s time to organise the final touches to your home before moving in such as blinds or curtains. Don’t forget the shopping list for the new furniture to complete your home.


Handover is also the time to start organising your removalist and making plans to move in. Your Supervisor will meet you onsite at your new home for a final walk through of you home and provide you with your congratulatory gift and brand new keys!

Stage Eight

Move in


So you’ve completed your build, the next step is to load the car with your boxes and send the truck on its way to your new home with all your furniture. So that means…. it’s moving in day !!


Here a few tips and tricks to help the day go smoothly:


  1. Gather some family and friends to help pack and unpack into your new home.
  2. Make sure you have organised your insurance for your new home.
  3. Pack a box with some essential items you will need on the day.
  4. Clearly mark each box which rooms you would like them to go in.


Now that you have all your belonging at your new house, it is time to make it your home. Compliment your internal and external colour palette by placing key items around to bring the character of your home together.


Don’t forget to complete your essential change of address forms, call your essential services, and confirm that you have now moved in.
Last but not least, plan your housewarming party. Treat your family and friends to experience your home and all the hard work that you have put in to make it yours.

Discover the Xanadu

Simple yet stylish, the Xanadu display exemplifies modern family living. A contemporary, open plan living space acts as the heart of the home, bright and welcoming. This helps set the tone for the rest of the home; timeless in its design, effortless in presentation.