Townhouse Strategies


Townhouse Strategies

The popularity of townhouse living in Australia is increasing rapidly.  A townhouse can be described as a middle ground between an apartment and a home. They are usually two stories high with shared walls but smaller outdoor space. They are typically cheaper than many stand-alone custom homes in Perth and are therefore a great way to get into the housing market and to own your home. They allow homeowners to build a quality home without the price tag of a large home.

Smaller blocks are becoming increasingly common, so at Zircon Living we are dedicated to discovering new ways we can maximise use of space within the constraints of current land availability. To achieve this, several key design strategies much be implemented, which we use across all our designs.

Key Design Strategies To Consider When Building Townhouse Designs

Maximise land use

A townhouse lot is narrow, so it is important to maximise your land use.  The multi-level layout of townhouses allows for maximum use of a small block. Although living areas are often separated, the separation allows for privacy, noise reduction, and ample space. Building as close to a site’s boundary as possible increases the potential footprint of your home. It is important to note that building codes require setbacks from the site boundary depending on the specific lot, so choosing your land carefully is very important.

Create innovative layouts

Do not be deceived by the small space townhouse living can offer. Contemporary floor plans feature open-plan living spaces, large master bedrooms, and modern layouts that mirror the space you love about our Perth home designs at Zircon Living homes. A townhouse is the perfect layout for first-time home buyers, investors, small families, retirees, and young professionals. Townhouses are spacious and allow for natural light to flood in through cleverly placed windows. This allows you to feel at home instantly.

Create multi-use spaces

Townhouses are a great option for a low-maintenance lifestyle; however, their small footprint requires a considerable amount of thought in to what is of value within your home. Creating multi-functional rooms are a great way to include all your favourite things whilst enjoying the simplicity of the smaller footprint. Townhouses are more likely to have smaller fronts and backyards or just a courtyard. Because of this, choosing land near local parks and playgrounds will allow you to enjoy time outside.

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Townhouses are having an increasing prominence in Perth’s new suburbs.


Developers are increasingly favouring the inclusion of townhouses in new estates. This is due to multiple factors, including maximising usable land close to the CBD and reducing urban sprawl. Additionally, townhouses offer street appeal and striking facades, complimenting each other and their surrounding environment.

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