Introducing Matt and El’ise

Being involved in the building industry ourselves, we always take pride in what we build, that’s why becoming ambassadors for Zircon Living was easy. Their attention to detail is second to none and working with a family owned and run company was one of many contributing factors on why we chose Zircon Living. A well-known brand throughout the Perth building landscape for over 40 years their experience shows through with the warmth and calmness you feel once meeting the team. A connection like this is always what we look for when selecting a brand to be a part of.

-Matt & El’ise

El'ise and Matt take you through the building process of our Xanadu Display Home

The building journey can be an intense, stressful period. At Zircon we make the process a seamless and fun journey for all our clients.

Watch now as El’ise and Matt take you along the complete building journey of our most recent Xanadu Display home.

Their Journey

This dynamic husband and wife duo took out 2nd place on The Block 2019. Matt, a Carpenter and El’ise an Interior Stylist. Their skills enabled them to create spaces that resonated not only with the Judges but also Audiences around Australia.

El’ise studied Interior Design in 2018 which has led her to a successful career as an Interior stylist now. Elise also had an interest for Acting in her earlier years and a keen drive and passion for Presenting. ‘Women Empowerment’ is something that Elise is passionate about – Self-love and spreading positivity amongst women is extremely important to Elise. A lover of Fashion, Beauty, Health and Fitness, Travelling and Caravanning with her family is when Elise is at her happiest!

Matt has been a Carpenter since he was 16 years old and has broad knowledge of all trades in building and renovating. Matt also has
a passion for all things Sport. He played Professional Football and was also a Travelling Player for the Wagin Football Club for 10 years where he was Captain and Coached the Club into Premiership wins. Health and fitness, fishing, camping, sport and hanging out with his kids is what Matt loves most.


“I love working with Domination Homes as I align with their family values. We are so excited to take our family and yours on the journey.”





“As part of our ambassadorship we are going to take you behind the scenes and bring a little bit of fun on how a house is built, from the ground up.”


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