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4 Ideas to Creating a Parent’s Retreat in Your Home

Sometimes life can become a bit chaotic, especially when you are a parent trying to raise the kiddies. Life is unpredictable and busy. It can be difficult to find the time or space for yourself when toys surround your whole home.


Parents need to have their own tranquil space in every family home, a parent’s retreat. An area that allows you to remove yourself from the stresses of life and focus entirely on peace and calm.

At Zircon Living, we have come up with four ideas to get you started on creating a parent’s retreat in your Perth home.


It is a chance to rediscover your personal style.


It’s time to take a trip down memory lane. Although it may seem hard, think of what your life was like before becoming a parent? What did you absolutely love doing in your free time? What helped you remain calm in the midst of stressful times? Visualise this space and take note of your happy moments. The aim is to incorporate those moments of joy and peace into your parent’s retreat – a place for you to unwind and regain energy.


It is a staycation every day! Parent retreats are luxurious getaways.

Creating a space in your home for a luxurious getaway could be as simple as setting up a cosy room with a sofa lounge and books to soothe and entertain. If space does not allow, consider setting up a corner in your room, somewhere secluded for your luxury getaway. Think of a colour scheme that soothes you and freshens up the room- a crisp white space with hints of blue might be a great reminder of the peace the beach gives you. Think of your ideal luxury and incorporate elements of it into this space. There should be no distractions in this space, only tranquil peace and luxury.


A walk-in-robe is more than just a closet.

For fashion loves, a large walk-in wardrobe might be a great space for you to wind down. Perhaps you get your peace from creating inspiring outfits. Maximise this space and make it your own runway, a runway to run away from the stress of life. You can consider creating a corner to sit down and meditate or a corner to put on music while you put together your iconic pieces. This is a great way to unwind and focus your energy on doing something that brings you joy.


Outdoor parent’s retreat.

Nothing says rejuvenation like an outdoor retreat. For many of us, going outside to get some fresh air is the greatest way to let go and breathe. It gives us time to relax and be free in nature. It is a fantastic time to sit back and reflect on the beauty of life. If you enjoy the greenery, perhaps having an array of plants in your patio will add to the calmness of your retreat. You may want to have this outdoor space completely separated from the rest of the home and have the only entryway be through your bedroom. This ensures your retreat is fully secluded and gives you the time to unwind and re-energise.


If you are thinking of incorporating a parent’s retreat into your home or having any questions regarding the designing process, please contact us. At Zircon Living, we are here to answer all your questions and assist you in creating your dream home.