5 Reasons to Have a Home Cinema Room in Your Perth Home

Lights, camera, action!

Nope, you aren’t in the cinemas…you are at home.

You guessed it. Welcome to your very own home cinema.

There is nothing that quite captures the joy of family night than a trip to the cinema: where the anticipation of a latest-release blockbuster movie, a serve of hot, freshly cooked popcorn and the obligatory post-movie discussion serve to build treasured memories.

Now that we have set the scene for you, imagine that sense of joy in the very comfort of your home? Without further ado, here are our 5 key reasons you should consider including a home cinema in your house build.

#1 It’s safe, it’s comfortable and it doesn’t take a car ride to get there.

There’s nothing more precious than your family.

With a customisable and luxurious purpose-built home cinema, you won’t have to worry about you or your children sitting next to strangers, attending public toilets, or trying to see over the head of the giant sitting in front of you.

Just sit back, turn up the surround sound, kick off your shoes and enjoy a glass of wine while your family and friends are enveloped in a full cinema experience, right in your own home.


#2 Who can argue over LIVE sports on the big screen? You’ve sold us already.

Why worry about the scramble for stadium tickets when you can invite your loved ones over to take in every detail of the finals in big-screen high-definition? Now that’s a game-changer!

No crowds, no yobbos and no public transport: just enviable living as you enjoy an icy-cold beverage and gourmet snacks cheering on your team or player to sweet, sweet victory.

#3 Home cinema’s do add AMAZING resale value.

One of the often-ignored benefits of having an outstanding home cinema, is the enormous shot in the arm when it comes to selling your home. Your investment will pay dividends when it comes time to list, since it will definitely draw more attention from prospective buyers.

More buyers means a higher listing price, meaning a thoughtfully planned home cinema is a clever investment. If you do the maths, a home cinema comes as a must-have.


#4 Home cinema family time = bonding time.

In today’s busy world, it can sometimes feel like a battle getting the family together in one space to enjoy activities together.

However, locking in a night of the week for such a purpose – such as Friday family movie night – ensures a time for bonding, laughter and learning together as a complete unit.

#5 Believe it or not, home cinemas are budget friendly.

No-one understands the need to achieve value for money better than the caring team at Zircon Living, where family is at the heart of company values.

The 2020 Medium Builder of the Year prides itself on a range of premium family lifestyle features in its homes – especially when it comes to catering for movie buffs, live-sports lovers and gamers.

So, why not put your own family first by talking about a customised floorplan for your new home build with the movie buff in mind.


Whether it’s enjoying the surround-sound action in your personal home cinema room, or playing video games in the activity room, Zircon Living’s designs have something for everyone in your family. Why not book a design consultation now?

Just be warned, you may never want to leave your new home.


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