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5 Things to do Before Viewing Display Homes in Perth

Alright, so building a new home is on the cards. You have an idea of what you want but you are thirsty for some inspiration. Why not plan a weekend filled with exciting Perth display home viewings? Our first tip – it is important to prepare yourself before any viewing. After all, what is the benefit of viewing a display home with no goal in sight? Before viewing display homes, you need to prepare yourselves to ensure you get the most out of the experience.


At Zircon Living, we have come up with a few top tips:


Firstly, identify your budget and keep that in mind from the get-go


If you do not have a budget in mind, there is no point in viewing display homes. It would be a waste of time to visit the display home and realise that it is nowhere near your budget. Assess your finance and calculate how much you can afford to spend on building a new home. Once you have this information, you can begin researching a builder and their display homes.


Do your research! Particularly, ensure you research the Perth builders for you


Prior to visiting any display home, research the builders as this will save you time. Before deciding on any home design, it is important to choose a builder first and ask yourself if you can work with the builder. This is your home that you are building, and it is essential that you and your builder will get along to make a great building experiencing. Consider their years of expertise, customer service reviews and the warranties and guarantees they offer. These steps reveal a lot about a builder and their motives. Research first, view later.


Make a clear-cut definition of your lifestyle needs

Prior to viewing a home, you need to ask yourself what do you need and want from your home? Do you need a lot of storage space, or do you prefer minimalistic living? Do you want to have a big backyard? Are you planning on growing your family in the future? Reflect and ask yourself these questions. Note down all your needs and identify if your builder would be willing to fulfil it.


Take snaps! Remember to bring your phone or camera to the viewings


Once you have defined your needs and budget and ensured that your builder is suitable, you can begin viewing display homes. When viewing these homes, bring your phone to take photos of all design aspects and features that you would like to consider for your own home. You can take notes as you walk through the home and organise your notes into the rooms. For example, you can have a section for bathroom and note all the design features and structures you like about the bathroom. This will also be a time where new ideas begin to spark so ensure you make notes for future reference.


Invoke your inner journalist – ask as many questions as you need!


There is no doubt that as you view display homes, you will have many questions to ask. In this situation, ask as many questions as you would like as clarity is crucial. Speak with the sales consultant and ask them about any enquiries you may have concerning the home. It is common to ask which features extras and which ones are standard.


Have you planned your next round of display home visits? Be sure to get in touch with our Perth team today and be sure to visit our display homes across Perth!