Interior Design

Designing Your Custom Home

Our award-winning interior design team have made picturing your new home a breeze. Drawing on years of design experience, we’ve captured a vast array of styles and products for you to choose from, ranging from classical appearances through to a modern farmhouse aesthetic.

Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution style is inspired by raw and hard surfaces. This scheme incorporates walnut toned timbers, black accents and hard materials like polished concrete tones and black bricks, all highlighted with bright whites. This gives the scheme a fast paced, edgy vibe.


The coastal style is inspired by light, calm finishes and materials. It incorporates white-washed timbers, an ocean inspired palette paired together with layers of whites throughout the scheme creating a relaxed and calm coastal vibe. This scheme evokes a relaxed atmosphere like you would get when you are on a peaceful, beach holiday.

Modern Hamptons

The modern Hamptons style is here to stay and is inspired by a Classic style that has been around for a long time. In this scheme we see a sophisticated neutral palette with light, limewashed timber tones, grey veined marble tones, white and soft neutral colours. The Modern Hampton scheme creates an elegant and sophisticated feel to the home.

Modern Farmhouse

The modern farmhouse style is inspired by the growing appeal of leaving the hustle and bustle of the fast-paced city behind. It incorporates a neutral and earthy inspired palette derived from our natural Australian landscape. In this scheme we see Walnut timbers, rust, brown and green tones coming through in materials. The Modern Farmhouse is an emerging style that is becoming more popular as people want to escape the big smoke to their own rural retreat.


The classic style is a very sophisticated and timeless scheme, reminiscent of an old Claremont Homestead. The palette is made up of warm grey tones, light timbers and white profiled cabinetry with intricate details coming through in the tile selections. This home has an air of sophistication and timeless style.


The contemporary style is inspired by moody, dark and dramatic materials. It incorporates warm, mid toned timbers, contrasted with feature bricks and tones of grey coming through in the exposed concrete pallete. This is an in-vogue style scheme and suits our fast paced urban lives.


The resort style is inspired by a modern holiday at a luxury resort. This scheme incorporates a moody yet contemporary palette utilising dark timber tones, black fixtures and fittings and contrasting these with organic warm grey tones to give a rich and sophisticated vibe. This scheme will transport you to your favourite holiday destination every day of the year without leaving the comfort of your own home.

El’ise’s Signature

El’ise has chosen to synthesise earthy and industrial tones, inspired by Western Australia’s beautiful natural botanicals. Walnut timber tones add a unique depth, with cool green accents providing a welcomed contrast. Polished timber and marble surfaces ground the style with dark accents to compliment, creating a earthy vibe. With El’ise’s Signature style, the interior of your home will be your gateway to a connection with nature.


The Estate style encapsulates modern luxury, contrasting cool surfaces with organic warmth and incorporating current design trends. The scheme fuses deeper timbers and other accents with polished concrete and other light, cool shades. Earthy tones feel welcoming and inviting, giving the space a homely feel. The Estate style’s effortless elegance is sure to provide a timeless interior for your home.


The Retreat style is inspired by oceanic getaways, blending coastal elegance with cool, modern tones. Mid-toned oak grounds the palette, with cool blue accents creating a sense of vacation luxury. Rounded tiles soften the design, complimentary to the smooth stone and marble finishes. The Retreat style will turn your home into your own private sanctuary.

Personalised Interior Design Service with Jodi Balhorn

Choosing all of the quality inclusions and fittings for your new home at once can be an overwhelming process – but not at Zircon Living! We offer a personal interior design service for clients who are struggling to visualise their home and the products they would like to feature in it.

Our award-winning interior design team, led by General Manager Jodi Balhorn, has streamlined the selection process for Zircon Living clients by curating bespoke interior and exterior design templates.

Drawing on years of design experience, we’ve captured a vast array of styles and products for you to choose from, ranging from classical appearances through to a modern farmhouse aesthetic. Inspired by these varying aesthetics, we’ve taken these designs and turned them into physical mood boards for you to touch, feel, draw inspiration from or choose as an already selected prestart package.

Building your dream home has never been this easy!