Ambassador Tips: Designing Your Main Living Area

The Block 2019 Runners Up Matt and El’ise are no strangers to designing the perfect home. With years of trial and error, they have finally been able to build their dream home with Perth home builders. The blockhead along with Zircon Living’s experienced design team have come up with our top tips to help you also create the space of your dreams.  

Deciding to build a home will most likely be one of the biggest decisions you will make, so it’s critical to get it right from the start. There are many things to consider the place where the house will be built, the size of the house, and – importantly – what the inside plan design is. That is the point at which the guidance of a decent quality builder proves to be useful. Zircon Living have almost a decade of involvement with building and design and are one of the most regarded custom home builders in Perth. Check out some of our luxury display homes for inspiration.  


Incorporating Design & Build

Ideally, you should choose to work with Perth home builders that incorporates both design as well as the build of your dream home. Zircon Living is one of Perth’s pinnacle custom home builders and designers and have received endless praise over the years for their custom-home built Perth luxury homes. Zircon take care of every stage of the process, along with interior and exterior plan proposal to finish your new home off perfectly. 

Living spaces are a critical area of any functioning home. Hence why creating a peaceful, comfortable haven will allow you the getaway needed after a busy day of work and will be the ideal place for households to bond. Below are some pointers on how to seriously change your living area for most comfort: 



During the design process, it’s vital to take into consideration the main areas of your home, particularly the living area. Would you prefer it to be open plan or separate rooms? Do you want the mantelpiece to be the fundamental focus in the room, or the television? If you select to go with an open-plan design, there is additionally the shape to consider, such as long, square, or L-shaped. When working on the flooring plan, your designer will be able to guide you via the process and provide priceless advice and tips. 

If you are wanting to create a more family hub, we suggest an open plan layout. This inviting relaxed and open space will create conversation and make your kids want to leave their room to hang out with the family. A hot tip from Matt and El’ise is to design your furniture to make spending time together so much simpler. 

Create zones, decide where will the main conversation area be? Make it a pace to entertain and hang out with guests. Why not create a media zone to watch movies and listen to music. And don’t forget the formal dining area for family meals and dinner parties.  


Energy Efficient

Regarding homes, an energy efficient home is defined by solutions that help limit bills, protect the environment, or manage the demand for energy. 

 A proper electricity effectivity evaluation ensures compliance in numerous areas including:  


  • Thermal insulation in walls, roofs, and floors 
  • Adequate measures to limit energy hundreds associated with heating and cooling 
  • Appropriate draught proofing and constructing sealing 
  • Adequate window glazing performance 
  • Proper insulation of services, i.e. piping and ductwork 
  • Appropriate sealing functions for heating / cooling ducts 
  • Lighting performance 
  • Adequate air movement / ventilation 
  • Water heater efficiency 
  • The use of renewable power solutions, i.e. photo voltaic panels 


All factors ought to be regarded all through the planning stage, so it is essential to choose a Perth home builder who has a tested appreciation of energy efficient house design principles.  

At several times of the year, many residences require the use of heating and cooling to keep a comfy living environment. The costs that come in hand with heating and cooling can be minimised with effective and low-priced options such as:  


  • Homes site and orientation – take advantage of the sun and shade throughout the year 
  • Temperature regulation in summer and storing heat in winter with heavier thermal mass built into the flooring and walls 
  • Insulate everywhere – ceilings, floors, walls etc. 
  • Ventilation convection and passageways features for airflow between windows and louvres while allowing the hot summer air to travel out of the homes upper level 
  • Keep heat and air conditioning in particular spaces with internal doors  


Additionally, Matt suggests you position your windows north facing, this will capture more sun in winter and eaves and shading to prevent hot and direct sunlight hitting the windows in summer. Window placement plays a large role in the air flow of your space, smart choices will reduce your need for air-conditioning. Another benefit is the more natural light, the better your mood!  



Your colour palette is one of the most essential design decisions you’ll need to make when decorating a home. From paint colour to fabrics and finishes, coloration can have a huge effect on how your home appears and feels. 

Different temperatures, tones and hues will also affect how an individual feels in the area. 

Warm hues tend to be greater rich more vibrant and tend to encourage confidence. These colours commonly work well in eating and entertaining areas as they are inviting and promote intimacy. Cooler shades however are frequently used to create a relaxed environment and convey calm to a space. Natural colour tones can also reap a relaxed, peaceful environment. 

 Don’t be afraid to create contrast between warm and cool colourings through furniture, textiles and art. Grab a coloration wheel and get thinking in colour! 

El’ise is a fan of the popular design trend of walnut browns and olive greens. These colours simulate a natural oasis.  

Need a hand, picking colours that contrast well? Just ask your Prestart Consultant! 



When furnishing, begin with the largest pieces and go from there. Aside from structurally fitting it all into place, all furnishing around your centrepieces must complement and not take away from their intended purpose.

Now the exciting part! Once you’ve laid the groundwork, home designing takes off and you can get into the nitty-gritty details. Now is the chance to try a combine patterns, prints, textures, and fabrics. Layering your area with plants, pots, sculptures, throws, cushions, wall art, rugs, mirrors, room dividers, vases, curtains, and trinkets can make a powerful statement.

Remember, decorating your living room is a marathon, now not a sprint. There are many ways you can style your house, so don’t get overwhelmed if you don’t nail it the first time. Just always hold onto your receipts! 

El’ise suggests waiting until you have chosen your colours before selecting your furniture.   You can easily make or break a space with colours that clash with a feature chair or design something truly unique with a delicate centrepiece. 


If you need more information on what could work best for your living area, you should check out some completed Zircon builds and luxury display homes! Or check out some upcoming projects for the latest trends.