Ambassador Tips: Movie Buff

Get the full cinema experience in your own home with our Perth custom home floor plans

At Zircon Living, our approach to home theatres is, if you can dream it, we can build it!

Enjoy the latest films and TV shows in the comfort of your home or watch your favourite movies with friends. No matter what your preferred genre, we can design a custom Perth home to suit you and your viewing requirements. But be warned, you won’t ever want to leave your new home.

Let us set the scene. It’s time to sit back and relax because the movie is about to begin. You are not at the local cinema, but in your own home. That’s right! You don’t have to go to the movies anymore when you can bring the movies to you with a home theatre.

Experience the Magic of Cinema at Home

The home theatre has quickly become a necessity for families looking to build their dream home.

A theatre room can be a wonderful addition to any home, whether you have a large family that loves sitting down to watch flicks together or want to watch the latest Netflix series. The team at Zircon Living can tailor a Perth custom home design for your family’s needs.

As Perth builders, our spacious open-plan living designs have something for every movie buff. We strive to make your movie viewing dreams a reality with inclusions like surround sound action, to adjustable lights for the complete cinema experience.

It is important to decide what you want in a theatre room before designing your home. This will help ensure your vision comes to life.

There are some things you should consider when you begin designing your dream home.

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 What Size?

The first step is to determine how big your theatre room will be. From there, you can decide on the fittings that you would like. For families, larger is better when it comes to home theatres. But if you don’t have enough space, a smaller theatre may be more suitable.

Open Plan or Enclosed?

What type of theatre do you prefer, open plan or enclosed? Apart from personal preference, there are several factors that could affect your Perth custom home theatre’s design. Consider carefully how close the theatre is to the bedrooms in your floor plan. Are there other TVs nearby? Will the sound carry? Talk to your new home consultant about your options.

TV Placement

Is the TV going to be placed on an entertainment unit or will it be wall-mounted? If you want to mount the TV on the wall or a projector on the ceiling, you need to inform us during the Pre-Start design process. Doing all the prep work upfront can save you money in the future.

Door Choice 

Although it may seem minor, choosing the right door is crucial. There are many options, from a regular door to sliding or French doors. Sliding doors can be a great option if your theatre is smaller than a standard one. This will allow you to place furniture more easily and save floor space.

Window Treatments

Window treatments are a key element in Perth custom home designs and can make or break a space. Are you looking for a darker space? For complete darkness, blackout blinds can be a great choice. If you want to give the space a luxurious feel with amazing acoustics, thick curtains may also be an option.

Relaxed Seating

Unless you have lots of space, chances are your home cinema is just your living area or serves as a secondary room or playroom for your children. The versatility of the home cinema is key. Make it ideal for watching movies and other daily functions with the right fittings.

It is important to choose home-cinema seats that are comfortable. A sofa bed gives you options and saves space.

Mood Lighting

Warm-toned lighting creates a cinematic atmosphere. Dimmers are a great way to create a cinematic atmosphere while still allowing for brighter lighting. You can dim LED strip lighting to create directional lighting in low-light areas to help navigate the room.

Cinema Sound

Without high quality sound, your home cinema is doomed to fail. This isn’t just about sound in the home cinema. As important as the sound inside the home cinema is, insulation against outside sound is also crucial. For sound buffering, acoustic insulation can be installed in the interior walls.

New technology has made surround sound far more accessible and less intrusive than ever before. The sound bar, a compact speaker system that supports both high-quality and mid-range audio, is your first stop. It can be used in conjunction with the rear speakers to provide surround sound. You’re well on your way towards a home theatre. To increase the volume of the audio output, add a sub-woofer. This will give you that ‘boom effect’. Finally, an amplifier brings it all together.

Movie Buff Home Designs

There are a few things you can do to make developing your design easier:

Understand Your Priorities

You may not be able to fit everything in a small space or within a budget. You will need to make difficult decisions about what you want to include and what you should leave out. This process will be much easier if you know what your “must haves” are versus your “nice to haves”.

Put Function Ahead of Form

It is easy to get distracted by making aesthetic decisions when designing a home. These are crucial decisions. However, it is more important to get your structure and floor plan correct. We recommend that you first focus on the overall layout and architecture, before moving onto the visual design aspects.

Get Inspired

Do your research before you decide on the finer points of your new theatre room. It will be easier to make decisions when you visit display homes with theatre spaces. Take notes of your preferences and bring them along to your pre-start meeting.


A theatre room makes a great addition to any house and can provide your family with years of entertainment.

The good news as Perth builders we have the technical knowhow, passion, and experience to make your home theatre dreams a reality! What to see more home designs for Movie Buffs? Contact Zircon Living.

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