Reasons to Consider Apartment Living in Perth

Have you ever considered living in an apartment? At Zircon Living, we have our fair share of experience in building Perth apartments!

Through our valuable insight, here are 3 reasons to consider living in an apartment.

Increased security and safety

Living in an apartment complex comes with the benefit of increased security as it requires multiple secured entry points to get into your apartment. There is often a key card needed to get into the building itself, to access the elevator and to get into your apartment. Another safety option is that your building will have many residents living in the complex who can witness and stop potential thieves, mainly if they are stealing big items like a TV. The complex will also have multiple security cameras located throughout the building to identify any potential thieves.


Extra amenities

Apartment complexes are built to provide the necessities for their residents. They are often equipped with many extra amenities to cater to your needs, including gyms, pools, BBQ areas, laundry rooms, and sometimes a rooftop bar. This means that you can save money on getting a gym membership as you already have the luxury of doing your workouts in the comfort of your own apartment complex. Money can also be saved on the pool as it requires maintenance and renting a house with a pool can incur greater rent fees.

Great choice for location

Apartments are usually in Perth locations that are central to familiar places such as shops and schools. With apartment living, you can ensure that everything is close by for your convenience. This includes public transport as this makes travelling to and from work that much more convenient.


Stop Imagining Your Dream perth apartment and Make It a Reality

If you would like to find out more about our building processes in Perth or what apartments can offer you, please contact our Perth team!

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