Discover our Award-Winning Home, the Crafter

The Crafter is one of our favourite Perth projects.

Whether it’s barbequing outside, refined dinner parties or casual cocktail hours that you like to host, our bespoke Crafter home design was created with the ‘social butterfly’ in mind.

Here are 4 reasons why The Crafter will be the talk of its Perth neighbourhood…if it isn’t already!

#1 It comes with a show-stopping kitchen

Home is where the heart is, and the heart of the home is the kitchen. So, of course having a big, show-shopper for a kitchen is everything! Food plays a central role in family gatherings, bigger events and intimate get-togethers in nearly every culture. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the show-stopping kitchen in this home is a stand-out!

From plenty of cabinetry, including a combination of cupboards, drawers and open shelving which make it easy to store and find everything you need quickly – this kitchen has the avid entertainer in mind. Those who are culinarily inclined will make good use of this space, with amazing fit outs that come with quality modern appliances, set to make cooking a pleasure.

The Crafter 5

#2 You will never get tired of the open plan living

Let’s not overlook this amazing feature. Yes, open plan living has become the standard in contemporary home design…but this comes with good reason. Open plan design provides a generous space which allows all your guests to relax in a single area of the home without feeling cramped or crowded.

A home that does ‘open plan living’ well is The Crafter. Aside from adding to the spacious feeling of the home, it also means no one needs to miss out on the action. For example, while magic is being made in the kitchen, the cooks can continue to mingle with their guests without ever losing beat.

#3 The lovely alfresco is relaxing

Our designers went all out when designing the alfresco. Enjoy the transition between indoors and outdoors, where you will have amazing entertainment options like hosting a barbeque, party or small get-together. All while still having protection from the elements. This sounds like a win-win to us!

The Crafter 5507
The Crafter 5498

#4 Did we mention the space?

So much room for activities! We left the best for last. In The Crafter, you’ll have enough space to host larger gatherings comfortably. But when you are ready for some space, the floorplan allows for little escapes, where you can capture the privacy you desire.

Are you ready to view more floorplans and design renders of this home? Then get in touch with us. We look forward to talking to you about the countless possibilities that come with The Crafter.

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