Making your Dream Home Fit your Budget

The affordability of a home can be measured by relating the cost of making and furnishing the home with how much the household earns on average. Just because a home is within an affordable bracket for you and your income does not mean that your home must compromise on comfortable finishes. A well-designed home can address your lifestyle and still be affordable.

Consider your Options

It is important to recognize that affordability is not just about the upfront cost of the home, but how much it will cost to run and maintain over a long term. Investment in sustainable design and features, for example good orientation, higher glazing density, high levels of insulation and renewable energy generation will save money in the medium to long term. This is because of lower energy costs and reduced need for power. Finding ways to reduce living costs, safeguard health and plan for future changes can all be done by looking for design features that deliver multiple benefits.

Another great way to improve the affordability of your home is to reduce its footprint. This allows you enjoy more time outside and maximise the space you have. For example, the Henry design maximises space within the home to allow homeowners to to also have luxurious amenities like a theatre.


Making your home more affordable in the long term is a great way to make living in your new home comfortable for years to come. Designing a home to meet what’s affordable to you can result in innovative and sustainable design. Talk to our team to discover how we can help you to achieve your dream home without the price tag.

Zircon Living has a wealth of experience in building custom homes that can withstand the test of time. We have been doing it for over forty years. Get in touch with our experienced and friendly team and start your building journey today. 

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