Building On a Small Lot – Our Advice

With the property boom still very much alive in Perth, a lot of West Aussies are looking at building, rather than buying established.

But…with the scarcity of land, oftentimes families are left with smaller lots than what they initially planned for.


Don’t fret! At Zircon Living, our experienced team of custom home builders in Perth will work with you to ensure your dream home can still become a reality, no matter the size of your lot.


A smaller lot can actually present a myriad of opportunities, and when you work with the right custom home builders in Perth, you will find your expectations exceeded.


Here is our top 3 pieces of advice:


Be smart about the space you are working with

When you are short for space and don’t have the luxury to extend out, you can always build up. A double storey home is perhaps the most obvious solution to building on a narrow block, to meet expectations of your spatial desires. Innovative thinking is paramount given these circumstances, as the standard conventions are going to be compromised, open mindedness and out of the box solutions are necessary.

A collaboration of functions in one space saves the need for an extensive variety of rooms. From a study nook to inventive storage solutions, otherwise dead space can be utilised, whilst also fulfilling a pragmatic purpose. When working with Zircon Living’s home builders in Perth our problem solving, and inventive team will provide a bespoke experience to establish smart design alternatives to anticipated customs.


Functionality is key: Establishing flow 

Working with tight constraints can be limiting at the best of times. In a restricted space, too many walls can establish a maze-like structure. An open floorplan is ultimately the trend of most housing today and is ideal to create the illusion of a larger area. Complementary to the spaciousness and flow of undivided living extents, sliding doors opposed to hinged doors avoid disturbance to the preferred layout.

Stimulating inspiration and to familiarise yourself with our floorplans, our friendly staff are happy to answer questions you may have. You are also welcome to come into one of our display homes in Perth WA.


With clever craftsmanship, you can create an illusion

Just because a space is small, doesn’t necessarily mean it has to look it. Not only timeless and sophisticated, neutral colours, in an interior space, can fashion misconception and make a room appear far larger than it is. With the combination of a muted colour palette and ample windows, a capacious ambiance can be achieved. Filling the space with light will only intensify the unobstructed floorplan.

Less from a practical perspective and more so from an aesthetical consideration, high ceilings can deter the eyes from scanning from wall to wall, rather from floor to ceiling, fashioning grandeur, even given the confined area.



Contrary to belief that a small lot means a small home, there are many innovative alternatives to the conventions of designed housing. No matter the size of your property, Zircon Living custom home builders Perth can ensure an effective layout that will exceed your expectations. Speak to us today about narrow lot designs.