What to Consider When Building a Home if you Have a Growing Family

Families are rarely static.

Whether young or old, changes come through the natural course of time, each associated with different demands on space, privacy, noise reduction and safety.

 Working on a design that considers the future allows you to build a home you can grow with.


Thinking about the layout of your home is key when building. You need to consider your life in the home at your family’s various stages of life. When your family is growing, a standard home layout may not make sense, so take some time to figure out the basics like how many bedrooms and bathrooms you will need and what floor they should be on.



As children grow, there is a natural shift toward independence. Demands for schoolwork mean study areas and nooks become important as well. Noise and privacy control mean consideration should be given to zones well away from others with adjacent living spaces. Another consideration is when grown children are thinking of leaving the family nest. It can coincide with older relatives and grandparents requiring more care and perhaps spending more time in your home, so consider how they could join the family unit.

Flex Rooms:

An easy way to account for changes in your family over time is to include rooms that are built to be flexible. With well-designed “flex” rooms your home can grow with you without needing further expansion or additions.



Including a mudroom in your custom home design can create an area that becomes a drop zone. Even with simple hooks, shelves and storage cabinets, a mudroom can become a great storage area for your growing family.
So much of the success in designing a home comes with the order you make your choices. In prioritizing your choices with this framework, you’ll be creating a home that not only helps you survive but will also help you and your family thrive.

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Families grow and change. A well-designed home can, and will, accommodate years of love and growth whilst loving you back. Your home is the launch pad for your life.

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