How to have the Full Movie Experience at Home

We all love going to the movies,

the big screen, your dedicated seat with cup holders

 and don’t forget about the popcorn and choc bombs, but why should we leave our homes to partake in such an adventure?

A home movie room is not simply a sofa and a screen in a room. If you want to do this right, you’ll want to meet some bare minimums, like controlling outside light and casting a large enough picture.


When designing your home renovation or build around a movie room, you must solely dedicate a room to watching movies on a big screen. This means that little else happens in that room except for screen-related activities. When your home movie room shares space with other activities, the cinematic experience is lessened.


At a very minimum you’ll want to include a high-quality screen, speakers, dedicated cables (HDMI) and a dedicated control system. Investing in a surround-sound system really elevates the home movie experience



Seating does not need to be specialty home theatre seats costing thousands. Any comfortable seat that faces forward, without a high back to obstruct viewers behind you, will do the job. One way to avoid obstructions is to have a tiered floor so your seating can be raised.


The best way to deal with unwanted light is to choose a room with low light, like on the south side of a Perth home. Alteratively, blinds can help create a cinematic experience. If you want some light, consider ambient lighting with a dimmer.


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At the end of the day, it comes down to the experience. A movie room allows you to have somewhere you can stream or watch, with a true experience, rather than a living room. Your living room usually just has a TV somewhere to watch, so a dedicated movie room ensures your movie-watching experience with friends and family is perfect.

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