How Does the Sun Impact my Home?

Perth has a ‘warm temperate’ climate,

meaning we have very hot summers and mild winters.

In Perth, spring and autumn have the most comfortable temperatures, while summer and winter can be more difficult to find comfort in. But how does this impact your home? Read below to find out!

The varying temperatures that we experience is impacted by the height of the sun in the sky, which is determined by how close Perth is to the sun. In summer, we are closer to the sun, so it appears higher in the sky. In winter, we are further away, so the sun is lower in the sky. The position of the sun in relation to your home is known by designers as the sun angle. In Perth, the sun angle is about 32° and is used to determine the optimal size of your awnings and what shading is required throughout the year.

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Opening windows on either side of the room is an easy way to allow a breeze in during summer and cool down a room. Fans are a great way to encourage air circulation and use less energy than an air conditioner. It is advised that they are included in all living and sleeping areas.


Skylights allow three times as much light in as regular vertical windows, so they can be a great way to allow light and heat into the middle of the house.

The Xanadu features a raked roof in the living room, with large skylights filling the home with natural light. Large sliding doors are perfect for allowing natural ventilation to flow through a space.


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