Townhouse Living

The popularity of townhouse living in Australia is increasing rapidly. It offers many benefits, including affordability, low maintenance, modern designs, and convenient locations that are appealing to a wide variety of buyers including First Home Buyers as well as investors, downsizers, and families. This blog will explain the advantages of townhouse living in Perth, whether you are looking to get into the market or wanting to downsize.

There are many factors that you should consider when choosing between a townhouse, house, or apartment. These include your priorities (big backyard, space to raise a family, etc.). Your purpose for purchasing the property, e.g. The location is a top priority for investment properties. Are you unsure what a townhouse is? The Zircon Living team is here to help. A townhouse can be described as a middle ground between an apartment and a home. They are usually two stories high with shared walls but smaller outdoor space. They are typically cheaper than many stand-alone custom homes in Perth and are therefore a great way to get into the housing market and to own your home.

As custom home builders in Perth, we believe townhouses, like all things, have pros and cons. These pros and cons can help you decide if a townhouse is the right choice for you. Let’s go!

Value for money

Townhouse offer a cheaper, more family-friendly alternative to a detached home with a yard. Townhouse offer more space than apartments and are smaller but still spacious. Townhouses with two- or three-bedrooms can be purchased for a fraction of the cost of detached houses. They are built on small lots and have no dead space. Townhouse living is a great cost-effective option for a host of buyers, from those on a strict budget or particularly first home buyers, who will still be eligible for the First Homeowners Grant to help with their deposit. Whilst they may not have a large backyard, they are compact yet spacious meaning you will get bang for your buck.

Low Maintenance

Townhouses are a great option for a low-maintenance lifestyle. Townhouses are more likely to have smaller fronts and backyards or just a courtyard. Because of this, yard maintenance is basically non-existent, perfect for those who don’t like or have the time to garden. Townhouses are smaller than family custom homes in Perth, so they require less maintenance and cleaning. This allows you to focus on other things. 

Location Location Location

While townhouses can be found in many suburbs, they are often built in vibrant and emerging communities close to schools and shops, cafes, and parks. You can save money without compromising on your lifestyle while still being close to all the action, You and your family will find convenience and flexibility in townhouses built in thriving communities.  

What’s more? These types of properties can double as investment opportunities. These areas are booming and offer huge financial growth potential. All the hustle and bustle can be a disadvantage for some people.                                                                

Sense of community

You will have the chance to meet new people across all generations by living in a townhouse. Townhouses are built next to each other, sharing walls and sometimes even the same driveway. This creates a sense community for homeowners. It is nice to be able to rely on your neighbours for help or organise weekend drinks in the courtyard. 


Do not be deceived by the small space townhouse living can offer. Contemporary floor plans feature open-plan living spaces, large master bedrooms, and modern layouts that mirror the space you love about our Perth home designs at Zircon Living homes. A townhouse is the perfect layout for first-time home buyers, investors, small families, retirees, and young professionals. Townhouses are spacious and allow for natural light to flood in through cleverly placed windows. This allows you to feel at home instantly.

Street appeal 

Townhouses offer street appeal and striking facades that will make a lasting impression on the people living nearby. Look at these stunning modern facades as you enjoy your outdoor living area. There will be a steady stream of beautiful facades in each townhouse, all complementing each other with the same colour scheme, landscaping, and the most recent exterior and technological trends.

Less space = more space

We touched earlier on the concept of getting value for your money. This is what townhouses do. The multi-level layout of townhouses allows for maximum use of a small block. Although living areas are often separated, the separation allows for privacy, noise reduction, and spaciousness. This is something that is not possible in apartments. Townhouses allow you to have all the space you need, but on a smaller scale. Because townhouses are designed to be practical, they can fit almost anything. It is a great option for retirees, professionals, and couples, as well as first-home buyers and young families.

Tips to investors

Townhouses can be a great option for investors due to their size.  A townhouse in a new area can offer great opportunities for financial growth. 

These are our top tips to invest:

  • You should be careful about where you buy a townhouse. Not all areas will increase in value and not all areas have equal rental yields. 
  • Consider the location of shops, schools, parks, and public transport. It is important to know which school zone your townhouse is located in. This is an important drawcard for many. 
  • The layout and design of the townhouse, including upgrades such as stone benchtops and curb appeal. All these factors will determine the appeal of the townhouse.

Here’s a quick overview of living in a townhouse from expert custom home builders in Perth. Although it’s impossible to say whether a townhouse is right for you, this overview is a good start. These pros and cons can be applied to your own situation, and you can then decide if a townhouse is right for you.


Now’s the time to book a consultation with Perth custom home builders, Zircon Living, where we pride ourselves on combining old-fashioned work ethic with modern Perth custom home designs to create something that is uniquely you.