Tiling: Where to Save on Budget

If you are looking at your budget and find yourself getting tight come to the end of the build, here are some helpful tips to reduce your tiling budget.
Great Idea!

Take the tiles only ½ way up the wall and paint the rest. This will slice your budget in half as there will be half the tiles needed and half the amount of time laying the tiles. That means ½ the cost of labour!

Go Big!

Using large format tiles will not only make your space bigger but will also reduce the cost of labour and grout. But remember 900 X 900 tiles won’t always work in many existing spaces, as you are working in a wet area. You will need different falls to accommodate rare water leaks, so the ability to use large tiles will vary from space to space.


Keep your pattern simple. Look at a brick lay, grid, or vertical stack, as this will reduce your cost. Having a more intricate tile pattern will increase the cuts and the hours of labour needed.


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