Using Colour to Elevate Your Design

The best bit of advice I can give to any client is to embrace colour!

Living without colour is like living without love, it’s boring! Adding a splash of colour is a great way to get your personality into your home.

Feeling the Vibe

One of my favourite rules of thumb I like to use with clients is if you are struggling to see print or colour in your space, go to your wardrobe, select your favourite item of clothing and drape it in the room that you’re in. You will instantly know if this is the vibe you’re after.

dare to be different

Also, mix materials and play with textures in woods and stones. There is nothing wrong with mixing up the space as this will inject your personality and depth! Dare to be different and outside of the “on-trend” mould as there is nothing worse than being the same as everyone else.

In Action/ The Grove

The Grove’s residents have done an incredible job integrating colour into their home, injecting their personality into every room.

Using pops of blues, pinks and yellows, each room has an eye catching piece, bringing light and life into every space. Such vibrancy ensures the house feels like a home, and creates a memorable experience for guests.

Create a sense of fun in your bathrooms, kitchens and living spaces, as these are the areas where your guests will be able to get to know you on a more personable level. Think outside the box and enjoy colour!

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