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Think it over for a while. Make tweaks and edits where necessary. And once it reflects your imagined happy place, you’re good to go in making it come to reality.

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Remote work is a growing reality in today’s pandemic-hit world. And when it comes to keeping mood and motivation high, there’s nothing quite like working in a cheery, sun-lit room.

It’s part of the reason skylights have been enjoying a surge in sales. With lockdowns and more freedom to work remotely seeing more people at home, it stands to reason that those cold and gloomy rooms once designated for home office space aren’t cutting it anymore.

Skylights provide warmth in winter and let in up to five times lighter than a window, as well as offering ventilation in the summer months.

But with so many options to consider before cutting a hole in your roof, we at Zircon Living have put together this handy guide to ensure your investment in a skylight is money well spent.


Skylight placement


When positioning your skylight, it pays to first think about how this will affect the comfort levels in your home.

For instance, a north-facing skylight will maximise light all day long, while an east-facing skylight will get morning sun, and west-facing will bask in the warmer afternoon rays. However, a skylight positioned under the shade of a tree will ensure you can enjoy the light without overheating. For those seeking extra warmth, a south-facing position will provide best passive heating.


Skylight style

Domed or flat … vented, or fixed? These considerations are far more than cosmetic when choosing the best skylight for your home.

Domed skylights – usually a frameless plastic bubble – are great at combating moisture and debris. Flat skylights are more durable and easier to customise, being made of glass fitted in a square or rectangular frame.

Vented skylights can be opened to allow for airflow, which is great for when the Fremantle Doctor kicks in during the summer. But fixed offer greater insulation against the winter wind and rain.


Skylight quality

Skylights are made from a single sheet of glass, or plastic glazing, fitted within a frame.

And while glass costs more, it is the superior performer. It holds up better to scratches, offers higher UV protection and lets better light in.


Plastic skylights are cheaper and less prone to breaking. But they do discolour over time.


Home energy efficiency

A professionally installed, higher-quality skylight not only guarantees the best energy efficiency for your home but comes with the added bonus of lower risk of leaking and degradation.

How your skylight is angled will also help maximise your energy efficiency in the home.

The Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS) provides a scientifically based, fair and credible star rating system to ensure you buy the best skylight for your home.

Checking a product’s moisture control features will also ensure your skylight provides the highest level of energy efficiency.

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