Benefits Of Using Light And Natural Tones In A Small House

It comes as no secret that our homes, big or small, need natural light. In fact, several studies over the years have found that improving the interior lighting of a home can help people recover from lethargy, oversleeping, overeating and energy loss. Given how many people work from home in this day and age, better the lighting in the house has never been more vital.

Natural light is the best source of lighting, whether it be our offices or homes. Our bodies respond to it positively, and we need natural daylight to function – just as we need darkness to go to sleep. In this article, we explore the value of light and natural tones in a smaller home.


#1 Makes the space look bigger


This age-old technique always does the trick. Ensuring plenty of natural light creates the illusion of being more open. With light flowing through all directions of the home, you will create an inviting atmosphere that also appears larger than it is.


#2 It can increase the value of your home


The formula is simple – the more windows in the Perth home equates to an increased value of a Perth home. Natural light makes a Perth home look bigger and feel more open, this will result in people’s willingness to pay more. Plus, if you have an amazing view, those well-positioned windows will give you something to look forward to every morning.


#3 More light means you can have indoor plants


If you have a green thumb like us, you will love this benefit. Did you know house plants have numerous benefits – from purifying indoor air to elevating your mood? More natural lighting means more opportunities for growing indoor plants. This goes in theme with having natural elements within your home, which will in turn make guests feel more relaxed.


Natural colours


In terms of aesthetic value, natural light is ideal for bringing out colours in a Perth home, particularly over artificial light. To create a natural look in the home, use natural colours wherever you can. We are talking, about wooden floors, tan-coloured sofas, neutral pantone colours and marble tiling. Just as in nature, the natural light of the sun will draw these colours out so that they look subtly naturalistic, which in turn creates an environment that people tend to feel at home in.


Final note

We can help you find that right home for your lifestyle, ensuring we take into account those finer details like ensuring plenty of light and natural tones within your Perth home. In fact, why don’t you contact us for an obligation-free conversation, to see how we might be able to guide you? You are also welcome to visit one of our display homes in Perth, to get a feel of how our homes might marry into your specific life stage.


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