Create the Perfect Parents Retreat

Many couples are creating parent’s retreats in their homes as a place to unwind, relax, and get some space from their children.

Luxurious Ensuite

To make the most of your space, a luxurious ensuite must also be practical. You should consider if you and your partner need a double basin or a screenless double shower so that  you can get ready for the day together. These design choices are  a top priority for many of our clients, with many opting for an open-plan, stylish ensuite with a free-standing bath for that added resort-style feel. Some will even choose to include a view to the rest of their bedroom from their ensuite. This style of design allows for a brighter space and better ventilation for your ensuite. This kind of ensuite can been seen in our Xanadu Display Home.

It is entirely up to you, but we recommend considering everything from storage space, privacy, and cleaning when factoring in the option to make your ensuite your own space. Look at our luxurious Samuel design, which includes the ultimate double ensuite bathroom with a free-standing bath. The design is a great example of making the ensuite space work for your needs.


Walk-In-Robe with Storage

A walk-in robe can be luxurious and practical as it clears up clutter. Consider adding extra storage options to ensure there is a place for everything and allow your room to feel more serene and peaceful once clutter free! Our Oliver design considers convenience and makes the most of every centimetre.

When designing your wardrobe, factor in how much you have of a particular item. For example, if you have more shoes and less pants, consider creating more cupboard space or stackable square pigeon-holes to put them on display. Need space for your formal attire? Consider adding a full height section to your wardrobe so your dresses don’t touch the ground.

Outdoor Parents’ Retreat

If you are looking to expand your space, design-wise, consider how to bring the outdoors inside. You can create an illusion of more space by connecting the indoors and the outdoors with decor, and your parents’ retreat will seem larger.

Consider how the outdoors will fit in with your plans early in the construction process. Perhaps you would like a separate entrance for your parents’ retreat or a garden area. If you plan on building a double-storey home, you might consider a private balcony where you can relax and unwind after the kids’ activities. Our Floyd design, which includes a large alfresco perfect for adult entertaining, is the perfect inspiration for parents looking to build.

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Create an Ambiance

A soothing colour palette and lighting can make you feel more relaxed and calm in your home. Make sure you add texture to an all-white, neutral palette. Consider adding cushions, patterns, and throw rugs to enhance the room. The colours should help create a sense of calm, so soft pastels are a great option.

A great lighting design can also help set the right mood. There are many choices, including wall lights and bedside lamps. Light offers a great relaxing feature for your room with the added benefit of being practical.

Extra Nook Space

If you are designing your home and have free space, consider using it as a little extra parent’s retreat. You can create a reading or chill zone by adding an armchair to the corner of a room. In a double-storey home, you can add a private balcony that offers stunning views and a place to enjoy a morning coffee alone.

The best designs are when every room in the house is maximised through careful planning. Feel free to talk to the team at Zircon Living if you have any particular requirements before you start designing.

For example, the Xanadu Display Home’s parent retreat, featuring a small arm-chair, and an adjustable space where you could include a bookshelf, tv or other options, depending on your style of retreat!

Rediscover Your Style

Think back to your days prior to parenthood. Your home didn’t include little plastic tables and chairs in the lounge or LEGO and books on the ground. Think about your favourite pieces and features in your home back then. Bring back these nostalgic items as a sign of respect to your past self. This could be a large piece of artwork, in a style and subject matter that reflects your decor and personality.

If the originals have become outdated, it is worth giving them a makeover or, better yet, a modernised version that matches today’s style.

Just because you have kids running around the house, it doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to everything you enjoyed when you were younger.

Treat Yourself to Your Favourites

Another popular option is to add cart or corner to your retreat to keep yourself satisfied. A small tray table and maybe a mini-fridge for the wine connoisseurs are all you need to get started and can help define time away from the kids.

A Parents’ Retreat is Your Sanctuary

Remember that the parents’ retreat is more than just a place to hide from your kids. It should be where you feel at ease and can recharge before you return to your busy life.

If you want to include a parents’ retreat in your Perth custom home build, it is worth speaking to an experienced building team. Our team at Zircon Living will listen to your needs and help you achieve the best results for your lifestyle. Get in touch today.

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