Heat up your Home with a Custom Home Kitchen Design

Heat up the heart of your home

With a Perth custom home kitchen design.

Many homeowners who are passionate about cooking want a kitchen just like one of the famous chefs. This can be done by incorporating various design elements with simple upgrades to create the perfect MasterChef kitchen.

It is important to nail the space during the design process, as the right kitchen will make all the difference in your everyday life.

Zircon Living brings Perth custom kitchen designs that blend functionality with elegant style. We’ve been cooking up the ultimate Perth family home entertaining interior designs for Perth homes for over 40 years.

A Place Where Families Come Together

There is no question that food is central to all cultures. It’s easy to see why the kitchen is often the centre of any home. However, the role of the modern kitchen is more than just a space for cooking. It’s also used as a place to eat, to chat, enjoy a cup of coffee, or do homework.

The kitchen is a key component in creating a sense of connectedness among the whole family. Most contemporary homes are now open plan, with the kitchen flowing into both the living and dining rooms. This allows for everyone to connect in a common space.

Intelligent Design

It doesn’t matter if you’re cooking a weeknight meal, preparing a five-course dinner buffet for friends, or preparing a hearty Sunday roast. Your kitchen needs to be functional and easy-to-use. We want you to feel like a contestant on MasterChef while whipping up your latest culinary invention.

Every smart kitchen design must be functional when it is time to cook. All our kitchen designs have been intelligently designed to make them as easy to work in as possible.

All our kitchens are designed to maximize efficiency, whether it’s using the principles of ‘the golden triangle’ to create a good connection between the stove, sink, and refrigerator so family members can still use them without disrupting meal preparation.


Modern kitchens don’t have to compromise on function and aesthetics—thoughtful design can achieve a balance between both. This will result in a space that feels great and looks great.

The style of your kitchen will set the tone for the rest of your home. Will it be minimalist and sleek, or rustic French provincial? You can choose to reflect every element of your kitchen, including cabinets, fixtures, fittings, sinks, bench tops, and appliances.

Looking for inspiration? This year, organic design elements such as wood, stone, and concrete, as well as lots of natural light, are popular choices for kitchen design. Statement fixtures can add personality and style to your space.

Create the Ultimate Tasking Kitchen

Multi-tasking kitchens can be created using the same principles that you use to create other multi-tasking rooms in your home. You can customize storage to create multiple zones within the same space. It creates a kitchen that can handle a variety of tasks and purposes, day and night. You can prepare a meal, entertain, work from home, or have casual family dinners. Your kitchen is ready for any occasion. So, what do you need to have the ultimate multi-tasking kitchen?

A built-in bar is a great way to entertain friends and family at home in Perth. A built-in bar can be discreetly hidden behind doors, as we did here in our display homes, or displayed with open shelves, and provides ample storage for glasses, chilled drinks, and other items for a weekend party or alfresco refreshment.

Simply put, a scullery can be described as an addition to your main cooking area that serves a more backstage role. It is a place you can cook, wash up, and make a mess, all without being visible from the main kitchen. The scullery can be used to store other appliances and supplies, such as a fridge or walk-in pantry.

It’s a great space to store dirty dishes or wash up, leaving your main living areas clean and clutter-free. You can also use this space for a laundry area that is hidden away from view.

The Ultimate Foodies Perth Custom Home Design

The unique homes designed by Zircon Living will make your culinary dreams come true, no matter how you like to cook. You can store your wine collection in the dedicated wine cellar or incorporate it into your walk-through scullery for easy access to the perfect wine pairings at any hour of the day.

Our designers will design a custom kitchen for you to cook Perth family home recipes. After you have created the perfect meal, outdoor and indoor dining areas are available for entertaining family and friends with delicious food and wine. These home designs are sure to please any chef, regardless of their cooking style.

Do you want more ideas for custom kitchen designs? Talk to us!

Every aspect of your home must be functional. When deciding on the best design for your space, it’s best to speak with an expert. This will enable you to maximize every square inch and ensure that your home has a pleasing appearance.

Zircon Living provides custom kitchen design ideas as well as other interior design services to make your house feel more like home. Let’s chat about how we can give you the ultimate MasterChef kitchen design.

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